Unleashing the Power of Talismans in God of War

Introduction: Are you tired of getting defeated in God of War battles? Do you want to gain an edge over your opponents? Look no further than talismans, the ultimate power-up in God of War. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the best talismans in God of War and how to use them to their fullest potential.

What are Talismans? Talismans are powerful artifacts that can give you an advantage in God of War battles. These items can provide various benefits, such as increasing your strength, granting you invincibility, or slowing down time. Talismans can be found throughout the game or can be purchased from the dwarves Brok and Sindri. With so many talismans available, it can be challenging to determine which ones to use. That’s where we come in.

Best Talismans in God of War:

  1. The Amulet of Kvasir – This talisman is one of the best in the game, granting you the ability to slow down time when you perfectly dodge an attack. This talisman is particularly useful against difficult enemies, giving you the opportunity to deal massive damage while they are vulnerable.
  2. The Shattered Gauntlet of Ages – This talisman is a nod to the Infinity Gauntlet from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It allows you to channel the power of various elements, such as fire and electricity, to deal massive damage to your enemies. This talisman also has the added benefit of being upgradable, making it a worthwhile investment for any player.
  3. The Golden Talisman of Protection – This talisman provides you with invincibility for a short period, allowing you to attack enemies without fear of retaliation. This talisman can be particularly useful against difficult bosses or when you’re facing a group of enemies.
  4. The Eye of the Outer Realm – This talisman grants you the ability to spot hidden objects and paths, making it an essential tool for exploring the game’s many environments. This talisman can also be upgraded, making it even more valuable.
  5. The Talisman of Unbound Potential – This talisman grants you the ability to charge up your runic attacks, making them even more devastating. This talisman can be particularly useful against enemies with high health pools, allowing you to deal massive damage in a short period.

How to Use Talismans:

Now that you know the best talismans in God of War, it’s essential to know how to use them effectively. Talismans have cooldown periods, meaning you can’t use them continuously. It’s crucial to time your talisman use to gain the most significant advantage in battle. For example, you might want to use the Golden Talisman of Protection when you’re low on health and facing a group of enemies. Alternatively, you might want to use the Eye of the Outer Realm when exploring new areas, allowing you to spot hidden paths and secrets.


Talismans are a vital part of God of War’s gameplay, providing players with various benefits to aid them in battle. By using the best talismans in the game and timing their use correctly, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents. So why wait? Start collecting and upgrading talismans today and unleash the full power of God of War.

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